Welcome to the Simply Vanilla Buycraft store! 

Here you can donate for perks that help us pay for the costs of running Simply Vanilla. 100% of your donations will go straight back into the server costs. Thanks for shopping and supporting our server! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us through our Discord, or send an email at simplyvanilla.payment@gmail.com.

GIFTING: If you are planning on gifting something, please make sure you still put in your own username when prompted! If not, it will not count for you for top donor purposes! There will be a gift option on each giftable package if that is what you want to do!


55.00 USD - Server Machine
9.99 GBP - Tebex Premium
2.00 USD - Plugin Subscription (Patreon)
Paypal Fees: 0.49 + 3.49% per transaction received