Here you can donate for perks that help us pay for the costs of running Simply Vanilla. All items you can purchase in the store are decorative and do not give any one player a competitive advantage.  Simply Vanilla can only run on the kindness of your support as they cover the cost of running the fun experience that SV strives to have. Thanks for shopping and supporting our server!

Donor Discord Perks:

Get access to talking in the Discord in-game channel & exclusive channels by donating!

$10.00 + USD = Donor Role 

$50.00 + USD = Donor+ Role


If you would like to gift an item to another player, make sure you still input YOUR username at the start when you are prompted. For each giftable item in the store, there will be a gift option that you can select and put the username of the player to whom you would like your gift to go. 


To be as transparent as possible, we share our monthly server costs. Here is the breakdown below.


55.00 USD - Server Machine
15.00 USD - Tebex
2.00 USD - Plugin Subscription (Patreon)
Paypal Fees: .99 + 3.49% per transaction received


Please ensure that you read the T&C provided at checkout before finalizing any purchases. 

Simply Vanilla is NOT officially affiliated with Mojang.

If you have any questions or issues, contact an Admin through the Minecraft server, Discord, or at simplyvanilla.payment@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by the Simply Vanilla store and for your continued support! We hope that you stick around and be a part of our great community.